Selmer TruVoice Bassmaster Fifty amp repair and restoration


Our facebook friend Barry Oliver brought this lovely Selmer TruVoice Bassmaster Fifty amp in for repair. The main complaint was that it was not powering up but there was quite a bit more to it than that. Below are a few photos at various stages of the restoration which actually included an almost full rebuild of the amp. Here is some of the work which we carried out:

  • Replaced the faulty rectifier and three preamp valves, two of which were physically smashed
  • Replaced all the filter caps as they were leaking electrolytic and way out of spec
  • Replaced all the noval valve sockets – they were not making contact which the valves and there was
  • Replaced a handful of out of spec carbon composite resistors with metal films types for longevity
  • And after all this work it turned out that the mains transformer was also failing to the point where it was leaking wax and probably the insulating enamel. We had this professionally re-wound

Once the work had been complete, there was just a little mod to add in order to keep the hum to a minimum, then the amp was good to go. Barry came round to try it with his matching cab and it sounded fantastic. What a great little amp!







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