Nick Smith

“Raphael’s knowledge not only saves you money but also brings new life to your cherished sound equipment. We have recently […]

Gareth Thomas

“Raphael offered a quick and professional service, repairing a broken Fender guitar combo and Carlsbro bass head. Not only that […]

Jon Pearce

“I’ve collected a number of guitars and amps. It’s been amazing meeting Raphael, who’s been passionate about my gear – […]

Andy Finney

“My two amps are special Quad 303s but were suffering from the age of their electrolytics. A quick chat with […]

George Stewart

“Just to let you know that my amp sounds great. I’ve been complemented on the great tone it gives by […]

Peter Reeves

“All working well, music blasting out, its like being reunited with a long lost friend!” about his recently repaired Pioneer […]

Gaz Grant

“Whatever you did to the Cornford it sounds a lot better than it did when I bought it!! You’re a […]

Ryan Lanham

“Raphael is sensitive to how electronics can and should be built. He’s a musician’s friend, and worthy of any serious […]

Mathieu Lill

“Hi Raphael, Finally got a chance to play the Strat & i just wanted to say a massive thank you […]