Welcome to Sutcliffe Amplification, valve amplifier specialists and audio equipment repairers based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK

I’m Raphael Sutcliffe and I set up Sutcliffe Amplification in 2010 after I realised that my IT support career was turning into a bit of a dead end job.

After leaving my job I wrote down a list of all the things I love in life. Realising that the list largely revolved around music and electronics, I thought “if I can repair computers, I can probably repair audio gear”, so armed with an oscilloscope and a signal generator, I started repairing amps and guitar gear.

The combination of my interests (valves, electronics, music) meant that whilst the learning curve was steep, it was a joy and pretty quick.

Within a very short space of time, I was completely inundated, doing repairs for all the local businesses, schools, and most musicians in the area too.

Further down the line I will be adding more top quality boutique amplifiers to my range of products.

For more information please feel free to contact me.