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Sutcliffe Amplification are manufacturers of top quality hand made, bespoke equipment for musicians, using some of the best quality British made components. Unlike other manufacturers who claim to be British, we go out of our way to source components from manufacturers who, like us, actually make their products in the UK.

Repairs & servicing

Amp repair and audio equipment servicing based in Waterlooville/Portsmouth, Hampshire. Also convenient for Southampton, Chichester, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and surrounding areas. We repair both valve and transistor hifi, guitar, bass amplification as well as effects. We are approved Marshall and Fender repairers and can also repair any kind of electronic equipment, not just restricted to audio.


Amp modifications can be the least expensive way of personalising your favourite bit of kit and we have many ways in which we can help you achieve your perfect tone. Here at Sutcliffe Amplificaiton we have a range of modifications to give you the amp you’ve always wanted at a fraction of the cost. Want more gain, headroom, brightness etc? No problem.

Latest Repairs

Ampeg GV-22 repair

Ampeg GV-22 repair for Mumford and Sons

Recent repair of an Ampeg GV-22 combo belonging to Winston Marshall of Mumford and Sons. Needed quite a bit of […]


JCM800 PPIMV mod

One of our regular customers came to us for the PPIMV mod on this lovely sounding dual channel JCM800 to […]

Fender Super Reverb-Amp service

Fender Super Reverb-Amp service

This amp was about to be used extensively for gigging so our client wanted to make sure it was working […]

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Client testimonials

“Raphael’s knowledge not only saves you money but also brings new life to your cherished sound equipment. We have recently had a number of items mended and refurbished for a fraction of the cost of replacing them and there appears to be no job too difficult for him”

Nick Smith Director of Music, St John’s School Leatherhead

“Raphael offered a quick and professional service, repairing a broken Fender guitar combo and Carlsbro bass head. Not only that but the invoice was far lower than what I might have expected from other similar companies. I’d definitely recommend to my friends, in fact I already have done!”

Gareth Thomas Guitarist for Mayors of Miyazaki

“I’ve collected a number of guitars and amps. It’s been amazing meeting Raphael, who’s been passionate about my gear – his approach to any repair I’ve tasked him with has been great and it’s awesome working with someone you can trust whose quality of work is first-rate.”

Reuben at the Academy 2 in Manchester England on 13th July 2006
Jon Pearce Bassist, FutureAges (ex Reuben, Freeze the Atlantic)
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Latest Product News

Sutcliffe Amplification available to test at Nevada Music in Portsmouth

Sutcliffe Amps are now in Nevada Music

Why not get yourself down to Nevada music in Portsmouth where you can now try out one of our amps […]

V15 teaser

Amp tease

We’ve been pretty busy with repairs lately but we’ve still had a bit of time to tinker. For now, here’s […]

Sutcliffe Plexi video

New video of Sutcliffe Plexi head and 212A cab

Check out this video of the Sutcliffe Plexi head (a variant of the RS50) and the 212A cabinet featuring Simon […]

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